Two automotive enthusiasts wanting to give the opportunity to have a classic or youngtimer, who until recently remained in the realm of dreams. In love with the golden age of motoring in 80- 00. In what we do, we are professionals, we import cars in the best possible condition, we treat our partners as we would like to be treated ourselves. We approach each one individually, carefully and above all HONESTY. Thanks to our specialist knowledge and knowledge of the classic vehicle market, we are able to offer cars in excellent technical and visual condition. Before buying, each car is subjected to detailed technical and formal control. Our vehicles have a proven history, are accident-free and have original mileage. The descriptions are accurate, reliable and true.



Having a German car with a steering wheel on the left in Japan is considered the pinnacle of luxury and prestige (Standard in Japan all cars have steering wheels on the right). The culture of taking care of the car and its regular, proper servicing is incomparably higher than in Europe (not to mention the difference between the same cars imported to Poland from Germany).

The Japanese especially love German cars and pedantically care for them. Due to the fact that the steering wheel is on the left, it is very difficult to drive such cars in left-hand traffic. For this reason, such cars are very rarely used and that is why even several dozen vehicles have very low mileages and excellent technical and visual condition.

This can be seen more accurately on the vehicles we offer.
We assure that the pictures are not able to even 50% give away how these beautiful luxury cars are presented in reality, so it is worth coming in person. Be warned! it’s so easy to fall in love with them, it’s better not to take your wife on this journey;)

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